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    Sep 4 th, 2012
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    6 Basic Steps for Making Money as a Home Based Writer

    The advent of the computer and the Internet Technology has made many things possible, including the potential to earn money as a home-based writer.

    The demand and promise of freelance copywriting and content providing jobs have attracted many people with writing skills.

    The privilege of having a job that allows you to manage your own time and the potential to earn unlimited income has prompted many aspiring writers to come forward to give freelance writing a try.

    This profession or business would seem a bit intimidating at first, but if you are determined to succeed, you will surely find ways to learn the tricks of the trade.

    Here are six basic steps that can help you in your objective of making money as a home-based writer.

    1. Learn the basics.

    The most basic skills that you need to have as a freelance writer are mastery of the English language, good research skills, and computer literacy.

    But before you begin hunting for a writing job, you should be able to know what you need to become a paid online writer. You also need to be sure that you are equipped with considerable knowledge of writing articles. Purchasing an eBook about the subject can greatly help you on this. You might also need to broaden your knowledge by reading several magazines. This can help you to appreciate the writing skills of successful writers and try to imitate their styles and tones.

    2. Identify the topics that you have good knowledge about.

    This requires you to make a list of the topics that you know or are comfortable writing about. It can help to make you determine which projects or job offers to consider. It can also help to make you write your articles with authority and in less time.

    3. Start to apply your skills by writing for the web.

    Providing content to websites is one of the easiest ways to earn money as a home-based writer. Since you are just starting out, you can begin by writing short articles, product reviews or descriptions, and blog posts. This can greatly help to hone your research and writing skills. It can also give you some writing experience.

    4. Write an eBook.

    If you are already confident with your set of research and writing skills and you prefer a longer writing project, try writing an eBook about the topic that you are expert about. This type of job can give you the potential to earn better.

    5. Take advantage of the services of outsourcing sites.

    There are lots of outsourcing sites on the web today. Website and business owners also run to these sites to post their job offers to freelancers. They are also regularly updated with the latest job postings for interested freelancers can apply to work on.

    The application and hiring process of these sites are often simple and straightforward. You just have to convince your prospect employer that you are capable of doing the job and that you are committed to deliver what he requires.

    6. Write for magazines and other offline publications.

    This requires a higher level of skills and knowledge. But if you think you have them, you can try researching for writing opportunities for print magazines and similar publications. Getting and doing the job is not easy but it is a very fulfilling one.

    These are some of the steps that you can take to achieve your goal of making money as a home-based writer. They can help you to achieve your goals as long as you are skilled, determined, focused, and committed.


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