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    Dec 14 th, 2011
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    6 Aspects of Effective Email Writing

    Electronic mail or e-mail is this generation’s most effective means to convey information. It has in fact dominated the world for its speed and efficiency of transmitting information from person to person. Almost every person in the world has an e-mail address as a means to convey and receive personal messages.

    But despite of its myriad of benefits, it has a dark side that carries a lot of costly disadvantages.

    Your writing is a reflection of your image and character. You should be able to do your best when you write e-mails as they speak for you. They play a part in your marketing and credibility-building efforts.

    Poor writing is the dark side of the e-mail system. It has caused inestimable losses to lots of businesses. It has become a cause for damaged reputations, cancellation of business deals, and strained relationships, among others. These are a high price to pay for a mistake which could easily be avoided.

    Here are the important aspects of effective e-mail writing. These can help you to polish your skills.

    1. Get straight to the point

    Don’t waste other people’s time by beating around the bush. Always manifest your purpose in the first paragraph of your letter.

    2. Write with your reader in mind

    When you write, always ask yourself who your reader is and what does he or she want to know. This will give you an idea what to write. Anticipate a few questions your reader might ask and answer them in your e-mail. This can help to keep your writing informative and useful.

    3. Write your email in proper format

    Your email should be composed of the essential elements to make it more effective. It should contain a brief introduction, a body and a conclusion which repeats the main focus of your document.

    4. Eliminate the word “there” from the beginning of your sentence

    The word “there” has been used in many forms of writing since writing itself began. Modern writing has classified it as a word that leads you to produce passive sentences. You can make your writing more concise, clear and active by avoiding the use of the word “there” in the beginning of your sentences.

    5. Keep it short and sweet

    Make your message simpler and easier to read and understand by keeping it short. Be concise in your writing. Readers don’t want to see clutter in the messages that they open.

    6. Keep it simple

    Your emails are your personal conversations with your reader. Write like you are talking to him over a cup of coffee. Remember, you write to inform and motivate your reader to action and not to impress or confuse him with your vocabulary. Keep it simple; it’s your best way to be understood.


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