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    Jul 4 th, 2012
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    5 Writing Habits that Send Readers Away

    Most people who publish articles about writing focus on developing techniques that catch the attention of readers and to make them stay on to read the entire article. This is a very good approach since it would be dealing with the positive aspect of assembling articles and winning the interest of the audience is really the purpose for which written pieces are made.

    But if you know the factors that could make your articles worthy of other people’s time, curiosity and interest, it might also be worthwhile to know some writing habits that can turn them off.

    Here’s a list of some of the most common writing habits that can send readers away:

    1. Use of Jargon

    Jargons are special words that are used by people who are engaged in a particular profession. These words may not be popular in ordinary conversation and people outside of that particular field may not be able to understand it.

    If your article is for general consumption and you use jargon with it, your article will not be attractive to the audience for which it was intended.

    2. Being Disorganized

    Proper organization of ideas is as important as the structure and grammar usage of any written article. People write to convey their ideas, and if these ideas are not presented in a clear and logical manner, readers will surely leave that piece thinking that it was written by someone who does not know what he’s taking about.

    3. Rambling

    Rambling is speaking or writing aimlessly in a confused, inconsequential and wandering fashion. It will not fail to turn readers off. Reading a written piece that jumps from one idea to another is a waste of time. It doesn’t contain information that can help to enrich reader’s knowledge base.

    4. Use of Complicated Language

    Every writing mentor would always emphasize the importance of simple language as a tool for effective communication. Your readers come from all walks of life and various levels of society. You cannot expect everyone to understand you if you use complicated language. Even highly educated people are not impressed with writers who want to impress their readers with complex words. Actually, it’s not the use of difficult words that make a written piece impressive, but the idea, as well as the way the writer presents it simply to make it understandable to everyone.

    6. Use of Offensive Words or Phrases

    Being offensive is the number one characteristic that any article can have to shun readers away. They carry the impression that they are written by self-righteous, bigoted or apathetic individuals who don’t consider the rights and feelings of other people.

    These are some of the most important things that you should avoid in your articles. To make your articles interesting, informative and worthy of other people’s time, do their exact opposite and you readers will like your articles – and you.


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