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    Apr 9 th, 2012
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    5 Ways to Make Your Call to Action Effective

    An effective call to action is important for the success of small businesses which operate online. Small businesses are different from large multinational companies that have huge advertising, marketing and representation budgets. Small businesses need to go down to the household level to market their products and services. Although they are also engaged in business to business deals, they are not as adequately financed as large corporations. They need to make their marketing campaign compelling enough to lead their prospects to the next level, and they can do it with the help of a compelling call to action.

    Here are five ways that can help you to make a good call to action:

    1. Ask emotional questions.

    An emotional question is something that almost always succeeds in getting answers and motivating people to act the way you expect them to. But whatever action you want your prospect to take, you should always ask the question in a courteous manner; that’s the mark of a true professional.

    2. Emphasize benefits and state what your product can do for your prospects.

    If you relate to your target audience stories about the success of your business or how good your product is, chances are nobody would really care to click on that “order now” button. It is because your copy did not provide an answer to their most favorite query of “what’s in it for me?”

    People buy products because of the benefits those can give them. Your prospects will take action when they believe that your product can help to satisfy their needs or solve their problems, not because you are a successful businessman.

    3. Motivate your prospects with honest testimonials.

    Stories of real people always motivate people to act. In the world of marketing, testimonials of real, satisfied customers are proof of your product’s ability to deliver the benefits that it promises.

    Market your product by getting honest testimonials from your satisfied customers. This will motivate your prospects to check on your product and decide to make a purchase. Honest testimonials can greatly help to reinforce your call to action.

    4. Make your copy visible with the use of white background.

    You could have written the best copy and your product could have great benefits, but if it doesn’t attract attention or if it’s too flashy for your visitors to read, you cannot expect your visitors to take action.

    Make your page visible by using black text on a white background. It can help to boost your call to action.

    5. Offer your prospects a money back guarantee.

    A money back guarantee is a strong indication of your trust that your product can deliver what it promises. It can help to compel your prospects to action and boost your conversion rate.


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