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    Dec 6 th, 2011
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    5 Ways to Improve Writing Your Skills

    Many people want to write but not everyone has the necessary skills to produce effective written pieces that inform, entertain or educate others. There are people who consider writing as a piece of cake, but there are many who struggle for words to describe what’s on their minds.

    If you think you’re one of those whose article writing skills need improvement, don’t get discouraged for you still have a chance. Just follow these 5 important ways to improve your writing skills and you could get better at it.

    1. Try blogging

    Many people own blogs. It is a venue where you have the freedom to express yourself. Here, you can pour out your opinions, frustrations, aspirations, desires, beliefs, illusions or whatever you want to say as long as it is not offensive, racist or libelous. You don’t have to be a professional writer or a journalist to own a blog. Blogging can give you the chance to improve your writing skills. Just do the best you can; constant practice makes perfect.

    2. Read books

    Reading books is one of the best ways to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. It also helps to improve your writing ability. Make it a regular practice to read something for at least 30 minutes everyday.

    3. Find a mentor

    One of the easiest ways to learn a skill is to find a mentor to teach you how to do it. You can also improve your writing skill by getting someone to proofread your work.

    Ask another writer to critique your work. Ask him for his honest and constructive comments and take note of them. This will help to make you to avoid committing these mistakes in your future articles.

    4. Look for writing tutorials or workshops

    Writing tutorials, workshops and exercise worksheets can help to improve your writing skill. Some of these are offered online, in bookstores or libraries. Writing courses are also offered in some schools and colleges.

    5. Practice everyday

    Consistent writing can make you a better writer. Writers are made, not born. Take time to write something each day. You don’t have to publish your work each time. All you need to do is to allocate a specific amount of time each day to write something. This can help to improve your skills.


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