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    Feb 1 st, 2012
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    5 Ways that Help to Improve Blog Credibility

    Aside from getting online exposure, another important objective of blogging is to show and share your expertise in a particular subject and to build your credibility in that field. Credibility is a quality that reinforces your ability to let people know that you know what you are talking about. It is built overtime and it is not based on knowledge alone; it also involves other factors such as honesty, commitment and interaction.

    A blogger that wins repeat visitors, subscribers and followers is someone who has established his credibility with his target audience.

    Here are a few ways that help to improve your blog’s credibility:

    1. Blog about niches that you have knowledge about.

    Your knowledge about your blog topics matters a lot in building your online reputation. While it is true that your posts represent your opinion, it should be factual for anyone to validate.

    Your blog is a mirror of your expertise. It is a good idea to write what you know. This is to ensure that the information you put in every article is accurate and verifiable. It can help to build credibility.

    If you wish to expand your blog’s subjects, you should do extensive research to equip yourself with enough knowledge before you take on that topic.

    2. Make sure that your entries are free from grammatical errors.

    Grammatical errors are one of the things that can seriously hurt your blog’s credibility. When you allow grammar mistakes to appear here and there, you are allowing it to shout “amateur” and your reader will think that you are not giving serious attention to your articles.

    You should write with your reader in mind. You have to see to it that your content is able to provide value to your audience. You should also make sure that your articles are free from typos, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors before you post them to your blog. Use your computer’s grammar and spelling checker for your convenience, but don’t rely solely on it. You need to read it several times and ask someone to read it to ensure that it is easy to read and free from mistakes.

    3. Customize your blog theme.

    Give your blog a professional look by getting someone to customize its theme for you. A custom blog theme helps to tell your visitor that you are devoting time and attention to your blog. It is another way to enhance your credibility.

    4. Do not stuff your posts with too many keywords.

    It is true that keywords can help to make your web content search friendly. But putting too many of them in your posts can give a negative impact on their readability and quality. A blog’s popularity is not based on the quantity of keywords infused in each posting; it is dictated by the quality of the information that you provided in your posts. Stuffing your articles with too many keywords can actually hurt your blog’s rankings.

    5. Get links from credible blogs

    Link building is one of the most effective yet complex ways of building credibility online, and it works well with search engines. Getting links to your site can be difficult, but if your articles are carry a lot of value, you will succeed in obtaining them from credible sources.


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