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    Apr 16 th, 2012
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    5 Types of Web Content for Affiliate Marketers

    Many affiliate marketers think that finding a great product is the hook, line and sinker that can help them to earn without sweat. There is practically no product that can “sell itself” on the web. Do you think product manufacturers will need affiliate marketers if they know that their product can sell itself?

    There is no argument to the fact that product selection is an important part of affiliate marketing success. But it is equally important to note that it is just a part of the entire process. As an affiliate marketer, you need to arm yourself with great content writing strategy in order to succeed.

    Here are 5 types of web content that you need to consider as an affiliate marketer:

    1. SEO Articles

    Search engine optimization or SEO is a strategy that can help to boost your visibility and take you closer to your target audience. The web is populated with thousands of affiliates who are also promoting the products that you sell. It also plays host to millions of other people who sell competing products. This calls for an effective strategy that can help to make you stand out.

    As an affiliate marketer, you want to make yourself more credible than your competitors. This means that you will need to write high-quality SEO articles that can establish you as an expert in your chosen niche. This can help to win people’s trust. This will eventually prompt them to do business with you.

    SEO articles are quality articles that contain strategic keywords that improve your visibility on the web. Just make sure that your articles are informative, useful and not sales pitches that drive prospects away.

    2. Newsletters

    Writing newsletters and distributing them by way of an email subscriber list is another way to sell your products as an affiliate marketer. But this works well especially on repeat business, where you have already established a relationship with your prospects.

    Newsletters can also help you to introduce to your prospects new product lines in addition to what you regularly offer.

    3. Your Own Blog

    Establishing a business blog that contains valuable news and information about the products you sell can help to establish you as an expert.

    It is also a great way to boost your presence on the web and to reach your target market. You just have to research well on strategic keywords to optimize your content.

    4. An ebook

    Writing an eBook that’s full of valuable information can be a great way to convince people to sign up for your email list. You only have to write it once but its potential to give results is unlimited.

    A good, informative eBook can also help to establish you as an expert.

    5. Videos

    Videos can help to build your credibility. It’s a proof that you’re going out of your way to give your product a face and to share useful information about it. It also shows that you are not engaged in a get-rich-quick scheme that takes advantage or people’s eagerness to reap the benefits for the products that they invest in.

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