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    Nov 24 th, 2011
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    5 Top Qualities of Reliable Article Directories

    The article marketing business is a growing industry which is here to stay for quite a while. This means that article directories would continue to thrive and that article submission would still be a major part of the Internet business for years to come.

    There are plenty of article directories which are willing to publish articles for free. But if you are serious about your article marketing campaign, you should know which of them can give your website the greatest exposure and traffic potential that it wants.

    Here are five of the most important qualities that reliable article directories should have:

    1. A high page rank

    Google has high regard for reputable article sites. These article directories also visited by thousands and they have a potential of driving more traffic. This is one of the reasons why they have high page rankings.

    When you submit to article directories with a high page rank, you are actually exposing your website or online business to a wider audience base. It also raises the possibility of raising your site’s position in the search engine ranking.

    2. RSS Feeds

    Reliable article directories make it easy for articles to get syndicated by way of a process called RSS or real simple syndication. It is an easy, up-to-date, and free way of receiving feeds about your favorite niche or subjects from article directories.

    3. Easy search utility

    Good article directories are reader-friendly and their search utilities are effective. They always see to it that their visitors wouldn’t have a hard time searching for authors or topics.

    4. Easy submission

    Article directories with easy to understand submission rules, formats and guidelines have their authors in mind when they established their system of operation. They want to ensure that all authors can successfully submit their articles without much effort.

    5. Author Directory

    Good article sites maintain a file or a database of their authors which contains their profile, status and articles submitted. This makes it easy for visitors to know them better. As an author, it can help you drive traffic and get more backlinks to your website.

    These are the top qualities of good article directories. As an author, you should look out for these attributes as these can help to increase your online exposure and potential for traffic and eventual sales. There are thousands of article sites, but you should choose only the ones which can give you the best results.


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