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    Jan 5 th, 2012
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    5 Top Factors that Cause SEO to Fail

    Search engine optimization is one of the most widely used Internet strategies today. For every niche, thousands of websites are competing for a place in the top pages of the search results.

    Every webmaster knows that the top of the search results page is a small place. It can hold just a few websites which were able to hit the right keywords that are popular with their target audience. This means that the stiff competition for that special place calls for the implementation of effective SEO strategies. This makes the SEO of many websites unsuccessful in bringing in bringing its webpages to the top two pages of the search results.

    Here are some more factors that cause SEO to fail:

    1. Targeting highly competed markets

    It is difficult to rank high in bloated markets. This is because almost all major keywords for their niche had already been used by well established websites. You need to specialize in a particular niche in order to avoid tough competition. This will help to drive genuine traffic to your website and make it search friendly.

    2. Neglecting keyword trends

    The popularity of keywords is highly associated with public opinion, current events and market trends. People use search terms which are closely related to their current needs and problems. You should constantly monitor how your keywords fared in the search engines in order to maintain your status in the search results.

    3. Failure to incorporate SEO strategy to website changes

    When you intend to update your website, you should include a SEO strategy to optimize it with the search engines. Failure to incorporate SEO with website change can result in a decline of your traffic and page ranking.

    4. Keyword stuffing

    Keyword stuffing usually goes together with poor quality content. It is a practice that can turn off humans and search engines. It can even get your site banned. You should limit your keywords to within three to four percent of your content otherwise you would be considered a spammer.

    5. Link spamming

    Link spamming is the practice of placing too many poor quality links to a spammer’s website to increase his page rankings. This is a black hat technique that can get your site banned from the search engines. Links should be created as a natural part of web content.

    These are the top five factors that can cause your SEO to fail. Good SEO can’t bring an overnight success to your website, but it is a great tool to boost your site’s popularity and ranking.


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