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    Jul 24 th, 2012
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    5 Tips to Write Better Copies for the Web

    Writing for the web is totally different from writing for the printed media. They are different in the sense that they are expressed in different tones, but they are actually guided by the same rules for accuracy, grammar, spelling and other things.

    Many people who are used to writing top notch articles for the printed media are frustrated when they write articles for the web. They often find that the articles that they wrote for online audience sound stiff and artificial.

    Writing for the web is not like the writing courses offered in schools and colleges; they are too formal and they require writers to observe a lot of rules.

    But writing for the web is a lot more like speaking to a friend over a cup of coffee. You don’t need to possess great literary prowess to write online. What is important here is to convey the message that people from all levels can understand.

    Remember, the web is for people of all ages and levels. Here, you should communicate in a way that the average person can understand.

    Here are five tips that can help you write better copies for the web:

    1. Write like you speak.

    On the web, writers who get better attention are the ones whose writings sound the way they talk. When you produce articles for the web, test it before publishing. Read your drafts aloud to see to it that there are no awkward words or phrases. Your articles need to be conversational to be more interesting to the majority which is your target.

    2. Show your written piece to a teenager.

    The World Wide Web is for people of all ages and levels of education. It is therefore wise to write your pieces in a way that it is understood by a seventh grade reading level. The ideal online article is one that can be easily understood by a twelve or thirteen-year-old adolescent.

    3. Write fast.

    Writing fast is a skill that every writer needs to develop. Most writers who go through a writing course are trained to write with a time limit of say 10 minutes. It can help them to conceptualize or form ideas more quickly. Try to set a time limit for your writing; you will be surprised with the results.

    4. Add your own story to your copy.

    The most common forms of written copies are like lecture notes that reflect general information. People like stories of human interest. They resonate to personal experiences and they appreciate it when you can entertain them or show your empathy to them with your own experiences.

    5. Practice often.

    The best way to hone your online copywriting skills is to practice constantly. The net is composed of a lot of platforms where you can exercise your writing. These include blog posts, emails, product reviews and articles for submission to article directories. Writing is a skill, and you can obtain it through consistent practice.

    These are some of the ways to write better copies for the web. Apply them and take your writing to a new level.


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