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    Jan 9 th, 2012
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    5 Tips to Make Your Blog Earn Money

    Back then when blogging was a pastime, people enjoyed it simply for fun. But when the time came for blogs to earn money, things changed.

    This has prompted bloggers to devote time to their web logging task on a regular basis. This has also created a need for more traffic. They have to attract new readers and keep visitors coming back for more to boost their potential to earn.

    As a blogger, you need to continuously update your blogs to optimize its earning capacity. Here are some ways to make your blog a good money earner:

    1. Write interesting content.

    Content is a blog’s most important feature to attract visitors. You need to fill it with interesting content. This means that you need to establish a site with a niche that you have knowledge and are passionate about.

    Excellent English is a primary requirement for blogging; but it won’t allow you to produce authoritative articles. Writing about subjects that you have ample knowledge about makes you write with confidence. It also allows you to spend less research time and effort.

    2. Optimize your posts for the search engines.

    Search engine optimization is very essential for all types of content. You need to optimize your posts with keywords that your target audience uses to search for articles about your niche or topic.

    Search engine optimization requires you to focus on a specific subject matter. This will help you to narrow down the list of keywords which are relevant to the information you want to share.

    Infuse your keywords in your title and in the first and last paragraphs of your article. You can also use variations of your keywords in other parts of your article to make it search friendly.

    3. Post regularly

    Regular posting helps to improve your search engine ranking. It also signifies your commitment to your readers. You do not have to update your blog on a daily basis. Just post regularly, like two times a week to improve your standing with the search engines and to see to it that your readers won’t go away.

    4. Encourage your readers to post comments

    Comments play an important role in the existence of a blog. It is an effective way to interact with your audience and it helps to let you know what your readers want. Comments can be your source of your topics for future articles.

    You also need to post comment on other people’s web logs. This will give you a way to improve your exposure through backlinks toward you site.

    5. Monetize your blog

    Now your blog is ready to earn money for you. Some of the ways to make it happen is to join Google Adsense to allow it to post ads on your web pages. Another proven money making method is to join affiliate programs like Commission Junction or eBay Partner Network and post banner ads of their products on your blog.


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