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    Aug 10 th, 2012
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    5 Tips of Writing Effective Benefit Statements

    Many companies spend thousands of dollars in advertising expenses to maximize the exposure of their products in the market. Most of them strive to make their brand names known but they forgot to mention one of the most important things that the market is looking for: The benefits that their products can give buyers in return for their money.

    In this day and age, people are more conscious about benefits they can get out of a product than the features that make them hi-tech or trendy. There are actually lots of advertisers who think that they have mentioned benefits in their copies, but they have not hit the nail on the head because the words they use are not descriptive enough of the real benefits.

    Here are five tips that can help you to write effective benefit statements:

    1. List all the benefits of your product.

    Before you begin to create your copy, you should make a list of all the benefits that your product can offer. This will help you to select the best beneficial qualities of your product. You can emphasize these in the copy that you are going to assemble.

    2. Think of your product as a solution or an opportunity.

    By thinking of your product as a solution or an opportunity, you will be able to emphasize its benefits and the problems it can help to eliminate to make its users’ lives easier.

    3. Avoid thinking about features.

    Many advertisers mistake features for benefits. Features refer to distinctive attributes or characteristics of the product. Benefits refer to the advantages or profits gained by customers for buying the product.

    Some features bring benefits, but as an advertiser, you must capitalize on the benefits that those features intend to deliver, like speed, safety, and cost-savings.

    4. See the product from your target customer’s viewpoint.

    Looking at the product from the point of view of the end-users can help you to understand what they want from the product that the product can deliver. This can help you to find more attributes of the product that you can easily turn into benefits.

    5. Consider the emotional benefits that the product can give to its users.

    Many people decide to buy because of emotional stimuli. People’s emotions are so important that it can compel them to act without thinking of the practical benefits that a product can bring. For example, if you are promoting a brake system for cars, you may say “This product is for the parent who wants to make sure that his daughter is safe while driving his car on a rainy night.” This can surely touch your prospects’ emotion and this can trigger him to decide to purchase your product.

    These are the methods you can use to write effective benefit statements. Use them to make your sales or ad copies more convincing and realistic.


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