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    Apr 19 th, 2012
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    5 Things to Avoid When Writing Headlines

    Article writing is a lucrative profession – if you can cope up with its demands for quality and value of information and writing guidelines.

    Many articles have been written about the right things to do to produce interesting content, and one its topics deals with ways to produce attention-grabbing headlines.

    Since the headline is the show window of your content, you need to make it compelling enough to entice your site visitor to enter that window and read the rest of your content.

    This article still deals with headlines but it does not intend to tell you the right ways to do it, but to let you know what to avoid when writing headlines. These are:

    1. Vague Headlines

    Vague refers to a word or phrase that is unclear and difficult to understand. It doesn’t give your visitors a good idea of what you are trying to say. It can lead to the loss of your visitor’s desire to know the details of your story.

    2. Boring Headlines.

    Boring headlines are nothing but a line that people don’t even care to give a second glance at. It’s something that people have seen over and over again in your web pages. It doesn’t mean that templates don’t work anymore. There’s just a need to make some changes once in a while.

    People’s interests are awakened when there’s something new or something more they can expect, like a promise, or something that arouses their curiosity. This will compel them to read more of your content.

    3. Wordy Headlines

    People wouldn’t care to read content whose headlines they couldn’t read at a glance. Site visitors love to see headlines that are short and direct to the point. It should also give your prospect a hint of what is to come in the succeeding lines of your article.

    But your headline doesn’t have to say it all because it can diminish the curiosity of your visitor.

    These are some of the most common mistakes writers commit when creating headlines. As a reminder, this article would like to give away some tips additional tips that can make your headline interesting and compelling enough to be read by your visitors. These are:

    1. Make a Promise

    A punch line or something that stirs your reader’s curiosity is a good motivator that compels your reader to read the details of your story. It can be a promise or a revelation, but you must see to it that your article body can deliver what your headline intends to say.

    2. Offer something different.

    People are curious beings. They are not attracted to something they have already known or seen somewhere. They want something new and they want to be the first to know.

    Make your headlines create interest. Use them in stories and events that they haven’t seen yet; or in articles that can give answers to their present concerns.


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