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    Mar 7 th, 2012
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    5 Things to Avoid when Producing Web Content

    The World Wide Web is filled with millions of content. Competition for the search engines has become so stiff that it is difficult to rely on content marketing as an effective tool to reach the market. Since the web has billions of users who are looking for information, every website has a fair chance of getting seen if it uses effective strategies to make it search friendly.

    But even if your website is easily seen by people and search engines, it is not enough guarantee that you can generate the sales you aimed for. You must be sure that your content marketing strategy has the ability not only to drive traffic but to compel people to action.

    As a content marketer, you should be aware that there are factors that can prevent you from making sales. Here are the factors that you need to avoid when producing web content as these can be detrimental to your marketing efforts:

    1. Too much free content.

    Most online marketers offer free content to catch the attention of their target markets. This is based on the concept of educating the audience and informing them of the uses and importance of their products in relation to their subject matter. This will create a need for the visitors to purchase the product.

    But if your product is an eBook or any related material, offering too much free content can work against your desire to generate a sale.

    2. Lousy content.

    Your content is the reason why people visit your website. You must value their time by providing value to your web content. If you fill your web pages with filler content to attract search engines, you will lose traffic and sales potential.

    3. Too much information

    Giving away too much information about a topic in a single sitting can easily satiate you visitors. This will give them a very good reason to go. Instead of giving away everything at once, try to give your information in a series to keep your readers hungry for more. It can help to make them realize that you have lots more to give and they should keep coming back to get those.

    4. Too many ideas.

    You can keep your readers’ attention by staying on topic. Infusing too many ideas in one article will only confuse your visitors. This will compel them to look for answers elsewhere. You should focus on just one idea to get your message across. You can reserve your other ideas for your next article.

    5. Not asking for the sale

    Content marketing is intended to drive traffic and generate sales. If your web copy does not ask for the sale, you are missing the main purpose of your campaign. Aside from educating your audience, your content should also carry the objective of making them want to purchase your product. You can address this by making a persuasive call to action.


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