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    Dec 28 th, 2011
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    5 Things Bloggers Should Avoid Doing

    Blogs are reflections of their authors’ personal views, opinions, knowledge and experiences. They are considered “personal,” and their owners could write anything on them, but because they are meant for sharing with an audience, their authors need to follow certain rules.

    There are factors that make a blog impressive, but there are also things which can turn them off. It is the reason why there are dos and don’ts that bloggers should observe. These can help to give their blogs the exposure that they need.

    This article is aimed at taking up some of the things bloggers should avoid doing to make their web logs appealing. Please read on to know them.

    1. Calling yourself an expert on your niche

    Your readers want to see you as an expert or an authority on your subject, especially if you have the right answers to their questions. But it will turn them off if you call yourself an “expert” on your niche. People admire modesty and they love other people who don’t brag about their own talents.

    2. Arguing with your readers

    Blogs are personal, yet they are not intended for your sole use and enjoyment. They are meant to be read by and shared with an audience who can comment and say what they think of your ideas.

    Your commenters are your readers. They might not be the brightest but you have to respect their opinions. Don’t argue with them even if you think you’re right otherwise they will stop following your blog.

    You should welcome comments with an open mind. They’re an indication that people are reading your blog and some of them are taking note of your views.

    3. Failing to maintain your theme

    Your theme is one of the main reasons why people follow your web log. It is your knowledge about your subject that attracts their interest. You do not need to be specific about your theme in each of your posts but you don’t have to linger away from it for too long otherwise your readers will think that you have lost direction and hey will stop following you.

    4. Placing too much ads

    People can certainly determine if you intend your blog to be a place of information or a rolling billboard. Content is the most important part of any blog and that’s what your readers visit your site for. It is quite understandable that ads play a part in keeping your blog up and running, but they don’t have to dominate the spaces intended for your content as this can be annoying to your visitors.


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