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    Apr 9 th, 2012
    Article Writing-Seo Content No Comments

    5 Steps of Writing Quality Articles for Search Engines

    Many content providers think that writing quality articles for search engines is complicated and difficult. But if you know the rules set forth by Google and other search engines, combining quality with search engine optimization can’t be so hard, and getting favorable results from search engines would be attainable.

    Here are some of the easiest steps of writing quality articles for search engines:

    1. Include your keyword in your title.

    When search engine spiders crawl on web pages, the first thing that they will read is the title.

    You should include your main keyword as part of an entire phrase in your title. It can greatly help in your objective for a favorable place in the search results. Using keyword phrases also makes it easier for search engines to find your article for your target audience. Just be sure to use phrases that people use when they search for information about your topic on the web.

    2. Include your keyword in your meta description.

    Your meta description is a one or two-sentence summary of what your article is all about. It appears just below the title that is displayed in the search results. Just make sure to use your keyword once in your meta description.

    3. One keyword per article is enough.

    One sure way to have your content excluded from the search results list is to riddle it with keywords.

    Recent search engine algorithms are very sensitive that you don’t need to mention your keywords repeatedly in your content. Just make sure to place your key phrase in your title and in the first paragraph of your article. This can be enough to make your content appear in the top page of the search result especially when someone types your key phrase in the search box.

    4. Produce high quality content.

    Quality content is the most important thing that matters to search engine and humans. It is obviously the reason why Google’s Panda update was created. As far as Panda is concerned, high quality content refers to unique, original and useful articles which are not written merely to attract search engines.

    Panda appreciates longer articles. This means that if you are previously writing 400-word articles, you must make it 500-words long now to expect good rankings.

    5. Build backlinks to your articles.

    Backlinks are important to increase your site’s popularity and exposure. You can do this by contributing your ideas in social media sites and leaving your backlink as your signature or footprint. This can help to expose your content to members of your community and it is interesting enough, they will share it with their other friends and contacts.

    These are some of the ways to write articles for SEO. Apply this in your article writing and expect to get a boost in your rankings.


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