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    May 18 th, 2012
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    5 Steps of Writing Effectively for Social Media

    The success of Facebook and Twitter has triggered the advent of different social networking sites in the World Wide Web. Many people love to spend their time on these places and these have become virtual hangouts of people who want to interact or socialize online.

    Since social networking sites are one of the most visited websites on the web, it is also one of the best places to get traffic from. These sites can be a gold mine for you. All you need to do is to produce interesting articles that can lead your prospects from these sites into your own website.

    It might look so easy, but with people’s short attention spans and discriminating taste for quality and value, bringing people from social networking sites is quite a challenge.

    It needs special skills to write articles that people in the social media would love to read. Every online marketer should develop that skill in order to attract the attention of people in the social networking sites.

    Here are some steps of writing effectively for social media:

    1. Know your prospects’ needs.

    When you write, you should be able to identify who your target audience is. You should also develop the ability to discover what they want to know about in a particular time then write your articles around these topics. This can greatly help to attract their interest.

    2. Attract your target audience with interesting titles.

    The title of your article is the first thing that your readers will see after they do a search for your topic. For sure, your article has lots of competition as hundreds or maybe thousands of other writers are producing articles about your subject matter. To ensure that your article gets opened when it is found, you should provide it with an eye-catching title that can arouse the curiosity of your prospect.

    3. Provide great information in your articles.

    People run to the web for information, but they also want to see that it carries quality, value and professionalism. As an article marketer, you should give away useful, well-researched information. It can help to engage your readers and entice them to read your other articles. For the value you offer, your readers might even share your articles with the other members of their network.

    4. Optimize your articles.

    Writing interesting, engaging and informative articles is not all that it takes to make them attract great traffic. You need to optimize them for the search engines to make them easier to find. There are possibly thousands of similar articles that are vying for reader attention.

    By providing your articles with the right keywords, you are optimizing it for the search engines. Keywords or keyword phrases are the terms used by your target audience when they search for information about your niche on the web.

    Use these words in your title, in the first and last paragraph of your article and about two or three times in your article body. Always make it a point not to sacrifice the quality of your article to accommodate keywords as it can affect readability.

    5. Promote your articles.

    Promote your articles in the social media by posting them on your Facebook wall or by tweeting them.


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