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    Mar 1 st, 2012
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    5 Steps of Making Successful Marketing Videos

    Let’s face it. Video is on its way to dominate the World Wide Web. With the speedy development of information technology and the influx of affordable video equipment, the video is coming out to get the lead in online marketing.

    With their billions of viewers, video sharing sites such as YouTube is a fertile market and a rich source of traffic and potential sales. Many businesses which have seen this potential have started to venture into video marketing, while others are still preparing to join in.

    Just like any online marketing endeavor, video marketing requires strategies in order to attract traffic. In this article, we will take up some important steps of making successful marketing videos. These are:

    1. Planning

    Planning gives your marketing video a sense of direction. This can help to prevent errors and make your video more emphatic and informative.

    You plan should dwell on these key points:

    i. Your video’s main objective ii. Your target audience iii. The message you intend to convey iv. The background and location v. The keywords that you need to use for your title, description and tags vi. A script and the length of your video vii. Other information you intend to include on the screen, such as logos, URLs, etc. viii. A clear and compelling call to action

    2. Shooting

    The location is an important aspect of video production. A white office wall background may not be well-suited if your video is about autos. Another important thing to do before shooting the video is the rehearsal part. You need to rehearse on order to look more natural in your video. And when you are shooting, do not hesitate to stop and start again. As much as possible, you have to produce quality in your video.

    3. Reviewing

    A review of the video helps to make sure that all the key points of your plan are carried out. It is also the stage where you can edit your video if there’s a need to.

    4. Uploading

    Once you have finalized your video, it is now ready for uploading to YouTube and other video sharing sites. It is also important to create your own channel on YouTube. This will help to organize your files and get people to subscribe to it.

    5. Follow-up

    Now that your video is already active and online, you need to promote it to let people know that you have something which can benefit them in some way.

    You can do this by sharing the video in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also tell your friends about your video through personalized emails that contain the video URL. Another way to get more viewers is to comment on other people’s videos with your video URL included in it.

    Now that you know the steps to make a successful marketing video, it’s high time for you to start making your own. It pays.


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