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    Mar 23 rd, 2012
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    5 Salient Advantages of Video Marketing

    With the advent of videos in the Internet, online marketers have discovered a new and effective way to reach their target markets. It paved the way for video sharing sites like YouTube to grow. These are visited by millions of people on a daily basis. They have become a big market just waiting to be developed, and video marketing is on its way to do it.

    Despite its potential to become a major marketing strategy, video marketing is not destined to replace current Internet marketing strategies because the older forms of product promotion like article marketing are still delivering good results. Besides, the older forms of online marketing thrive in platforms other than the video.

    Here are some of the salient advantages of video marketing:

    1. It is a proven method of product promotion.

    Video marketing is an effective form of product promotion. It made its way into our households in the form of television commercials. It is still one of the most widely used forms of advertising up to this day.

    2. It has invaded the Internet.

    Today, video marketing is no longer limited to television because it is adapted by the Internet. Many businesses have included short video clips in their websites to augment their text-based marketing messages. Many companies and marketers also built their channels on YouTube where they post their video marketing campaigns in their bid to increase sales.

    3. Many people prefer to watch videos than read text.

    With videos, marketers have found a way to cater to people’s lethargic natures. Many people prefer to watch videos rather than read text because it allows them to just sit back, relax, watch and listen to a message that would require more effort when read.

    4. It helps to establish trust.

    Videos can help to establish trust because it can give a face to a message. It also allows people to see product demos which would otherwise be more difficult to conceptualize when described on text.

    5. Videos are more Search engine friendly than text.

    Another advantage of video marketing is that videos are more search engine friendly than text articles. Major search engines give priority to videos than text in the search results pages even if they share the same keywords. This is one of the reasons why companies who are struggling with their ranking in search engines have to use video marketing to improve their rankings.

    Now that you know the salient advantages of video marketing, it’s your turn to give your business the break it needs.


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