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    Sep 4 th, 2012
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    5 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes

    A copywriter is a businessman’s partner. His job is to craft words that aim to sell products and services.

    Copywriting is a part of the marketing arm of every business. Its function is to produce flawless, engaging and compelling copies that website designers post to websites and landing pages to enhance the selling potentials of a business. It is important to a business in the sense that it is a tool that it can use to reach out to customers and prospects to enable it to earn revenue.

    Many companies however, make the mistake of not considering copywriting as a major tool or strategy for generating income. They invest a lot of money in web design, but they don’t allocate enough budget for the production of professional copy. They often leave the job in their own hands or in the hands of the printer, website designer, or SEO expert who don’t know much about writing, selling, or persuasion.

    The business or website owner who makes this decision thinks that he has made a lot of savings, but in reality, he is losing so much in the form of missed opportunities. He could have converted many more site visitors into customers had he given the job to a professional copywriter.

    Getting the services of a professional copywriter can help businesses to avoid business writing mistakes that can lead to lost opportunities.

    But if you are still planning to write your own copy despite these facts, you should know the five most common business writing mistakes that you should avoid. These happen when:

    1. You write what you want to say instead of writing what your prospect needs to know.

    Business owners who write their own copies are often tempted to talk too much about their products rather than tell their prospects what’s in it for them.

    2. You use long sentences and dense paragraphs. It defeats the readability of your copy.

    3. Your copy is riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You should proofread your copy before publishing it on your website or landing page.

    4. You use dull headers and boring prose. These usually send your site visitors away.

    5. You put the the information in the wrong order.

    Coherence is important in every copy. This makes every article, press release, or blog post understandable. Incoherence, on the other hand, creates confusion in the mind of your readers. It can only prompt them to leave your site.

    These are some of the most common mistakes in business writing. These mistakes are most often committed by amateur writers and business owners who think they can write copy for their own businesses. You should not allow these mistakes to appear in your business website.


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