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    Sep 4 th, 2012
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    5 Important Things to Do Before Publishing Content

    When you write articles for the web, you are actually intending to show it to the whole world. It is only imperative that you should give your best on it because your name is attached to each of them, and one or two of them might just be your vehicle to a big break.

    You should therefore do everything that it takes to make original, interesting, factual, and flawless content. And you need to perform some necessary steps to ensure that your written pieces can go past the prying eyes of discriminating readers.

    To ensure that your articles are free from errors when they go live, here are five things that you need to do before publishing content:

    1. Check your article for grammar and spelling mistakes.

    You have just finished your article and you think that it is ready for publishing or posting on the web. But you don’t really need to publish it yet. You have to polish that content for grammar, spelling, and other mistakes to make it worth reading. The quality of your article is a reflection of you and your business and you don’t want your readers or visitors to think that your business is that sloppy.

    Check your articles for spelling and grammar mistakes with the aid of a spell checker. But you need to read each line to ensure that your grammar is perfect.

    2. Read through the entire article to ensure that it reads well.

    Readability is one of the most important elements of written content. It is as important as the message itself because it determines whether your message has gotten across or not. The absence of spelling errors is not an assurance that your article is understandable. You need to read it at least twice to ensure that awkward statements do not exist anywhere in your written piece.

    3. Make sure that your content is able to deliver the message that your want to convey.

    Writers write with a goal or direction that they want their articles to achieve. When you are finished with your writing, you need to see to it that your essay, press release, news item, product review, blog post, or any written piece is able to effectively deliver the message that you want it to convey.

    4. Ask someone else to read your article and comment on it.

    It would be quite hard for the author to spot his own mistakes, but it would be much easier for another person to spot them. To ensure that your article is free from issues before it goes live, you should ask someone like a family member, friend or office mate to read it and comment on it afterwards. If they find that your work is well-written and error free, it is ready for publication.

    5. Check the format of your published content.

    Many online writers don’t mind checking the format of their content once it is published. You should check the format of your articles. Put images in their right places. See to it that banners and ads do not distract your readers, and always make sure that the links you include are existing and active. These can help to give your visitors a pleasant reading experience.


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