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    Dec 8 th, 2011
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    5 Important Resources Serious Copywriters Should Know

    Copywriting is an important aspect of the Internet. It helps to keep the wheel of online marketing turning. It is the strategic way of using words to promote a business, product, service, opinion or even a person. It is intended to compel the reader to take some action.

    But despite its many forms, copywriting is made with one common target and it’s the market. It is the only place where copywriting makes real sense.

    As a copywriter, you should know how to write different types of advertising or sales copies. This will make you versatile, effective and highly sought for as a freelancer or as an employee in an advertising agency. Here are five important resources that you should know as a serious copywriter:

    1. Print Ads

    Writing print ads and understanding what makes them effective is one of the very first things you should learn as a budding copywriter. It can also help to make you learn to write for other forms of printed ad copies such as flyers, yellow pages ads and newsletters.

    It is actually a good way to start if you want to build a strong copywriting career.

    2. Brochures

    Brochures are small books or magazines that contain pictures and information about a product or service. Writing for brochures is one of the essential skills that can set you apart from other copywriters. But you can become more effective if you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the different types of brochures and their roles in the selling process.

    3. Direct Mail

    Writing direct mails is an extension of your skill of writing brochures. There are many types of direct mail packages and each one is different from the rest. You should expose yourself to this aspect of advertising. Add this to your set of skills and it will help to make you a highly marketable copywriter.

    4. Commercials

    Commercials are intended for television or radio. Writing script for television or radio commercials can give you a good exposure as a copywriter because people use them as media for news and entertainment on a daily basis.

    Writing scripts for commercials will also help to make you learn to produce audio and video outputs.

    5. Websites

    In this age of information, websites are a big necessity and selling products and services online is a common occurrence on the web. As a copywriter, you must be able to write copies for websites. Having this skill should not keep you out of job as there are millions of websites on the web today.


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