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    Apr 2 nd, 2012
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    5 Important Facts About Copywriting

    The primary purpose of all websites is to attract visitors, and they do it by providing content that carry information for their target audience to harvest.

    A website’s look and navigability are not the only aspects that can make it a good website. There are many factors that a site owner needs to consider to make it interesting and search engine friendly. One of these is content. It is the most important element because it is what Internet users look for in the World Wide Web. But your content should be unique and original; people are easily turned off at the sight of content that they have already seen somewhere else on the web.

    Web copywriting is one of the best ways to provide your site with content that matters to your target audience. To make things clearer to you, please read on to know some important facts about copywriting:

    1. It is about your readers.

    Web content is created for your audience. It is intended to attract them, to give them the information they need to know, to provide answers to their questions, or to help them learn to do something new. In short, your content must have the answer to your readers’ question of “what’s in it for me?”

    The essence of interesting content lies in its value to the readers. Your company is something of value to you. It’s one of the reasons why you built your business website. But your content should be focused on what it can do to its target audience to keep them coming. They don’t really care much how big your company is or when it was founded. All they want to know is the benefits that your site or business can deliver to make their lives easier.

    2. It is direct to the point.

    It only takes about eight to 11 seconds to capture a site visitor’s attention, and if your content doesn’t have the things that can capture their focus, they’re gone, and you just lost a potential customer.

    Websites are not the place for beating the bush or hiding your light in a bucket. They need to have content that captivates, engages, and compels the reader to action.

    It all begins with an eye-catching headline, one that promises benefits. Then you have to support it with an engaging article body, one that is broken down into sub-headings and bullet lists for reading ease and scannability. You must always make sure that your article body delivers the benefits or promises made by your headline otherwise your readers will go away.

    3. It is short but sweet.

    In addition to being direct to the point, you copy needs to be concise and crisp yet compact with the ideas that you want to get across to your audience. Avoid using complex sentences because they have a tendency to confuse your readers. Keep your paragraphs short with three to four sentences. If you can present your whole idea in three to four paragraphs, that would be enough to hold your readers. But you should always make sure to include a compelling call to action in every copy; this is the most important part because it leads your reader to the next step which is subscribing, getting a quote, or placing an order.


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