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    Dec 6 th, 2011
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    5 Important Aspects of Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is one of the ways to promote your business. It can increase your exposure and give you additional inbound links. It is also beneficial for blog owners because it gives them the opportunity to let someone publish useful content on their blogs for free.

    But guest blogging is not something that you just can jump in without proper preparation. You need to know certain things in order to succeed in performing this endeavor.

    Here are the five important aspects of guest blogging that you need to know:

    1. Research

    The very first thing you need to do before becoming a guest blogger is to do some research on the blog that you want to post your articles on. Familiarize yourself with its theme, tone and writing style by reading its posts. You should also lookout for posts which are highly commented on. Read comments and try to find out what the readers want. This will give you an idea what to offer in your post.

    2. Networking

    If you have established a network with other bloggers, it may be easier for you to find reliable blogs to post on. Most blog owners ask their fellow bloggers to recommend someone reliable to guest blog for them. Networking can also help to save you a lot of time and effort researching for blogs that welcome guest postings.

    3. Proposal

    A proposal is a formal way of asking the owner’s consent to allow you to post your articles on their sites. It should contain details of how the owner can post the article to his blog. This is useful especially if he doesn’t have a plan to give you access to his blog.

    You should also include samples of your writings in your proposal. This is to ensure that the owner will have the confidence that you have the knowledge and expertise needed for the job. It will also give your prospect a feel of your writing style and voice to help him determine if it fits with his own.

    4. Good Posts

    Whether you are writing for your own blog or you are guest blogging, it is your primary obligation to always write the best you can. Your work is a reflection of your character and it should be able to establish your integrity as a writer.

    But as a guest blogger, you should know what the blog owner wants you to do. This will help to make you produce the best guest post you can. Another important thing you need to know as a guest blogger is your limitations. You should know them so that you can put yourself in your proper place.


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