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    Dec 15 th, 2011
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    5 Factors that Make People Lose Interest in Your Blog

    Maintaining a web blog is a great way to express yourself online. It is the venue where you can be free to articulate your thoughts and let people know what you know, you can even get the chance to establish yourself as an expert and earn money here.

    People run to the web to search for information. If you have established a blog and people aren’t reading it, it might be time for you to examine and evaluate your content. There are underlying factors why people lose their interest in reading your blog. Please read on to know some of them.

    1. Poor Writing Style

    Your web log is your own personal space online. It is the place on the web where you can be yourself. It gives you the freedom the express your thoughts and opinions and share to what you know.

    But it doesn’t give you the liberty to deviate from the standards of good written communication. You should maximize the power of your articles to reveal your expertise by writing them in a style that people would love to read.

    2. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

    Your articles tell a lot about you regardless of the niches or topics you write about. When your content is plagued with typos, spelling errors and grammar mistakes, your readers would usually think that you’re an amateur. It can affect your credibility and worse, you would lose a lot of traffic. You should take time to edit and proofread your articles before posting them to your blog.

    3. Your knowledge about the topics

    People run to the web to educate themselves. They usually want to see you as an expert in your niche. They want to see that your blog is updated regularly. This is a great measure of your knowledge which makes people see you as an expert. Your blog must be able to tell its readers that you know what you’re talking about otherwise they’ll lose interest in reading your content.

    4. Use of complex language

    Blogs are intended to educate people of all levels of understanding. Your readers are turned off when you use language that only a few people can understand. Make your content understandable, easy to read, coherent and filled with new information which can help to enrich your readers’ knowledge and they will stay.

    5. Infrequent Posting

    Infrequent posting or creating long gaps between postings can create the impression that you’re not quite interested in your blog. People who anticipate your next post become uninterested in your blog and if they see that it is not updated regularly.


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