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    Sep 30 th, 2012
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    5 Factors that Help You to Write with Authority in Copywriting

    Readers read written pieces because they are attracted by the title and topic of the article. But as a writer, you need to make your articles convincing enough to earn their trust. It is imperative that your articles should be well-researched, informative, factual and unique. You need to write with authority in order to earn the trust or your readers; each one of them is a potential customer who can contribute to the success of your website or business.

    Here are some factors that can help you to write with authority in copywriting:

    1. Knowledge about Your Topic

    Knowledge is power. It can help you to write and speak with authority. It can give you the confidence that you need when you want to make assertions or declarations about your topic. You must know your niche well in order to speak with authority in your subject matter.

    2. Unique Selling Point

    You should be able to define your unique selling point in order to come up with emphatic articles that clearly tell your target audience what you are offering and what they can get from it. Be sure to make your USP a bit different from the rest. It can help to make you noticed.

    3. Facts

    Facts are important as they can add credibility to your message. Opinions can have some weight especially if the writer is a well-known expert of his topic, but facts are more acceptable because it has the power to erase clouds of doubts that may be present in your readers’ minds.

    4. Support for your Claims

    The credibility of your article does not end with its being factual. When you reveal facts and figures, you must be able to support these with data that your readers can verify. Statements from experts, findings of particular studies, and the mention of specific research information can all help to boost your credibility. They are instrumental in your purpose of gaining the trust of your audience.

    5. Correct Grammar and Spelling

    Copies are intended to persuade people to take action. They should be engaging and well-written to let readers know that they are written by a professional who is an authority in his subject. Articles that contain grammar and spelling mistakes create doubts in the minds of the readers. They often give the impression that they are written by amateurs who have limited knowledge about the subject. Your copies should be impeccable because they help to maintain your credibility.

    These are some of the most important factors that help you to write with authority. Apply them in your writing to allow your career to make a bit leap forward.

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