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    Apr 16 th, 2012
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    5 Factors that can Spoil Your Blog Post

    A blog post contains your personal views about specific situations, events, or facts. If your ideas are sound, realistic, and brilliant, it will become a hit to many.

    But presenting that idea on a blog does not only entail a blockbuster thought to make it a success in terms of readership. You might have the greatest ideas on certain subjects, but if you cannot present it to suit the needs of website visitors, your blog post will get buried in an ocean of content in the World Wide Web.

    This article intends to tell you some factors that can spoil your blog post. You need to avoid them so that you can maximize your blog’s full potential to attract traffic.

    1. Uninteresting Headlines

    The headline is the show window of any article, whether it is on print or online. It is your first and most important tool to attract your visitor and prompt them to stay awhile. It is also the first item that is displayed by search engines, social media and other platforms.

    In the absence of a good headline, you won’t be able to hold your visitor to stay and read the rest of your content. Good content always make use of interesting and compelling headlines to overcome your visitors’ short attention spans.

    2. Long Paragraphs

    Long paragraphs are a quick turn off for site visitors. People who visit the web are used to scanning content; they only pick what attracts or serves their interest.

    If you cater to your readers with a blog post that contains a chunk of words that offer limited breathing space, they will simply go away without even bothering to know what your opening sentence is all about.

    Break long paragraphs into two or three short ones. Emphasize important aspects with sub-headings or make enumerations with bullet lists. These can help to make your blog post easier to scan. Scannability can help to make you visitors stay.

    3. Jargon

    One of the main attributes of a good bog post is its ability to provide reading ease to its readers, and one of the best ways to accomplish it is to use plain, simple words that everyone can understand.

    The use of jargons is not a good practice in the blogging industry. You should avoid using them except when you’re sure that they are only intended for a particular type of audience.

    4. Using Pure Text

    This may not harm your blog post but using other forms of media such as images and videos can greatly help to give your visitors a pleasant reading experience.

    5. Plagiarized Content

    This is the factor that can seriously harm not only your blog post but your entire blog as a whole.

    Posting plagiarized content is a violation of ethical and legal standards. You should not do this to avoid getting banned or penalized.


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