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    Aug 7 th, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    5 Effective Steps to Rewrite Articles

    Rewriting your articles is one of the best ways to produce unique content especially if you have run out of ideas or topics to write about.

    It helps to make you provide a steady flow of content for your readers and the search engines.

    Rewriting takes time, and you need to present your story in a way that makes it unique and filled with additional information. Here are some tips that can help you to effectively rewrite articles:

    1. Change the title.

    You should provide your rewritten article with a new title to make it unique at first glance. When you write your title, you don’t only need to make it original, but you should also make it engaging to capture the curiosity of your target audience.

    2. Omit bad or outdated parts and replace them with new content.

    Even if they are article rewrites, they should be timely and they should carry information that is relevant with the present trends and needs of your audience. Leave out irrelevant or outdated content for they can spoil the substance of your new essay.

    Many people rewrite articles by replacing words with synonyms, but it’s not the real essence of article rewriting. Rewriting is an opportunity to convey information in a better way. The process of removing words and replacing them with synonyms do not provide real value to readers. As much as possible, you should inject new information to an old content, and express it in a totally different way. This will surely give you a brand new article.

    3. Outsource your rewriting jobs.

    One of the better ways to rewrite articles is to have them done by another person who can look at the same story from a different perspective. Since it is a rewrite, the main idea should stay, but the writing style, the new inputs and the way the message is presented makes the new articles unique and original.

    4. Proofread your rewritten articles.

    Proofreading helps to make you produce error-free articles. Quality is essential in all content that you provide for the web. It makes your web page look professional and it helps to build your image and credibility.

    You also need to spend time to check the format of your article. This way, you can be sure that each paragraph is understandable and free from run on sentences. Breaking it down into sub-titles or bullet points can help to make it easier for your readers to pick up important points.

    5. Check your article for originality.

    Even if you are sure that you have rewritten your article perfectly, you need to make sure that nothing like it has ever been published anywhere on the web.

    Check your article for originality to ensure that your new article is at least 70 percent unique. But you should aim for 100 percent uniqueness. This process can help to keep you free from copyright violations.

    You can check the uniqueness of your article with the help of

    These are some of the most effective steps of rewriting articles. They can help to make you produce articles that carry quality, value and information that are at par or better than the original.


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