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    Sep 15 th, 2012
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    5 Easy Ways to Ways to Syndicate Content

    If you are able to write useful, good quality content, content syndication is one of the best ways to expose your expertise on the web. It helps you to attract people and search engines, and it is instrumental in the establishment of a good relationship with your target audience.

    But many website owners and content providers do not take advantage of the full potential of content distribution systems to maximize their traffic. After setting up one or two content delivery systems, they tend to stop and become contented with what they have, not knowing that they could have gotten more traffic and perhaps more sales had they utilized other content distribution processes.

    There are at least five ways to syndicate your content on the web. These are:

    1. Email Marketing

    Email list building and mailing is still an effective way to expose your business and bring people to your website. It’s not dead as many online marketers think or presume.

    2. Blogs

    A web log is a great venue to showcase your expertise and to make your target audience updated of the latest development about your niche or business. It is a good reference point to your business website. It also allows you to interact with your audience which makes it a great platform for knowing what your target readers want and think.

    3. RSS

    RSS stands for really simple syndication. It is a great way to distribute content most especially if you have a blog or email delivery system

    4. Submitting Articles to Article Directories.

    With the advent of new content marketing systems such as videos and podcasts, many people think that article submission is no longer an effective method for generating traffic which is a myth.

    Articles may not be able to generate huge traffic the way they used to, but they can greatly help your marketing efforts in a lot of ways.

    You can use articles to build links to your website, it can help to establish you as an expert and they enable you to win your readers’ trust and build a relationship with them. They also help to enhance your exposure to humans and search engines.

    5. Free PDF reports

    The creation and distribution of free PDF reports is one way of giving away quality content and making people aware of the existence of your website or business. They also have a big potential to go viral because they can be easily given away by your readers to their online contacts.

    These are some of the best methods of distributing content. They help to generate traffic, build relationships, and expose your expertise. They are also easy to do; even a newbie can do them without much difficulty.


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