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    Aug 22 nd, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    5 Easy Steps to Rewrite Articles

    Article rewriting should not be considered a complicated task. It is the process of producing a new article that has about the same idea as the original, and it has to be at least 75 percent unique.

    By creating multiple versions of your articles and submitting them to article directories and article submission sites, you are fulfilling one of the main purposes of article marketing: To enhance the visibility of your website or business.

    Rewritten articles can help to attract humans and search engines which are responsible for delivering to your site the traffic that it needs.

    Here are five easy steps some writers do to rewrite articles:

    1. Read the entire article and get the idea of each paragraph.

    You have to read the entire story in order to get its message. Try to understand each individual paragraph.

    2. Rewrite the first paragraph the way you understand it.

    After reading the article, you can begin rewriting the first paragraph. You should avoid using four consecutive words that are used consecutively in a sentence anywhere in the original article. This can attract the attention of search engine spiders. Try to write in a conversational tone. This can help to make your readers feel at ease.

    3. Rewrite the succeeding paragraphs.

    After rewriting your first paragraph, rewrite the succeeding paragraphs in the same manner, using your first paragraph as your model. You must see to it that your rewritten paragraphs are at least 75 percent unique. It can help to make your article attract more readers and avoid consequences related to content duplication.

    4. Infuse strategic keywords in your new article.

    Even in article rewriting, search engine optimization is still an important and necessary strategy as it can help to attract search engines and improve your rankings for those keywords.

    Your keywords should be evenly distributed in strategic locations in your article, and you don’t have to repeat them again and again to avoid monotony. Remember, your article is intended for human readers and it should be created with quality.

    5. Add new information.

    You can make rewritten articles fresh and more unique and original by adding new information to it. People love to know new information even on an old topic. Their hunger for knowledge is the very factor that compels them to read articles.

    These are five of the easiest ways to rewrite articles. Apply them in your next rewrite to give your written pieces the exposure that you want them to get.


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