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    Mar 7 th, 2012
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    5 Copywriting Tips to Engage Your Readers

    The World Wide Web is a boundless market that gives everyone an unlimited sales potential – if only you can capture its interest.

    With the advent of information technology, copywriting has become a great way to promote products and services online, but you need to use strategic methods to catch the attention of your target market. The virtual marketplace is different from the real store because your prospects can’t touch your product.

    Your product or service might be the best of its kind, but if you can’t market it well online, it is almost impossible to persuade your visitor to take action and buy it.

    Here are five copywriting tips that can help to engage your readers:

    1. Write from your prospects’ point of view.

    Everyone is a customer in one way or another. As a customer, you know that you will buy a product only if it can satisfy your need or want. This shall be your viewpoint when selling a product. It is easier to connect with your prospect if you know you have what they want.

    2. Tell a story.

    Stories engage human interest. It’s the reason why people read the news. If your copy can relate your story of how the product has helped you in a lot of ways, like saving you lots of time, energy and money, you will draw people’s attention and curiosity. It will make them want to know more about you and your product or service.

    3. Ask questions.

    Since knowing your customers’ needs is important in gaining their attention, you also need to have an idea of the questions they might have in relation to that particular need. Knowing those questions and offering some answers in your content can help to make them read on.

    4. Raise a controversial issue.

    Controversial issues can surely catch attention and curiosity; it almost always makes people want to know why. When you use this approach in your copy, be sure to provide reasons why people think the issue is true.

    6. Present pros and cons.

    Give your prospects the benefit of making up their minds by presenting pros and cons of the product or service. This can help to tell them of your honesty and unbiased opinion. Giving a recommendation after citing the pros and cons can help to allow your customers to make a decision. One of the factors that contribute to customer indecisiveness is lack of information.

    These are some of the tips that can help to make your copy more engaging to your readers. You can use them in your next copywriting task to see how they can help to boost your sales.


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