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    Jan 13 th, 2012
    Freelance Writing No Comments

    5 Basic Guidelines for Freelance Writers

    If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, you need to be self-motivated. Your capacity to earn depends on your ability to produce and deliver quality product and service.

    You also need to set up a system that allows you to make the most of your time and resources. This will help to create a balance between your work, family and other aspects of your life.

    As a freelance writer, your main priority is to be consistent in producing quality content on time. But there are other factors that you need to take into account – these can help to build a solid foundation for your success. Here are five basic freelance writing guidelines that you need to consider to boost your career:

    1. Write now, not later.

    Procrastination is a habit that can cause delay in a particular task, from execution to delivery, evaluation, feedback and collection. It has a huge impact on your career. So if you plan to take on a career as a freelance writer, you should write now.

    Writing something today is your first step to do the other phases of the entire process, like editing, re-writing and proofreading. You will be amazed at your feeling of achievement after you have accomplished your first piece.

    2. Take feedback as positive feedback.

    Your written work is subject to scrutiny and comment by your clients. They also receive feedback from readers when your clients publish them. It is quite natural for you to feel protective about the work that you’ve work so hard for, but you need to take into consideration that you are writing to deliver what your target market or audience wants. Your readers’ feedback can help you to produce good content. You should take them with a positive attitude.

    3. Expand what you know

    The best approach to writing credible, informative content is to “write what you know.” This will allow you to produce content with less time and research efforts. But you don’t have to limit yourself on one or two subjects; you need to be a versatile writer who can write about several topics. You should broaden your horizons. Expand what you know. This can greatly improve your marketability and earning potential.

    4. Believe that you can do it

    During the early stages of your career, you will go through a series of rejections and setbacks. It takes time to settle down on a style and quality that satisfies client standards. But these should not hold you back from submitting more. Analyze what you missed and learn from them. Believe that you can do it. All the successful freelance writers before you experienced rejection at some point in their career.

    5. Establish a goal

    Establishing a goal is setting a direction that your career should take. It allows you to see what you are going to be in the days ahead. It gives you the drive and persistence to accomplish what you want to do.


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