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    Apr 11 th, 2012
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    5 Basic Elements of Freelance Writing

    People who are endowed with great writing skills have plenty of opportunities to earn money online as freelance writers.

    Freelance writing has become a lucrative profession since the advent of the Internet. The influx of numerous websites has opened a great demand for content, and since most of these websites are owned by business people and companies, the need for content providers is inevitable. This is where freelance writing takes center stage.

    But despite the seemingly unlimited opportunities that await freelance content providers on the web, writers are still facing the challenge of competition. This is because many people jumped into the freelancing scene. This is the reason why some aspiring online writers failed; they were not prepared to face the freelancing battle.

    Lots of writing opportunities still abound on the web today, but many of them offer compensations that are even lower than the rates of 9 to 5 jobs that most aspiring freelancers want to leave. But one can’t just easily join the freelancing industry without being equipped with the five basic elements of freelancing. These can put him above competition. He needs them in order to get reasonable compensation for his time and effort in producing quality content.

    1. Quality Work

    In any business, quality is a must. If your business deals with products or services, you need to produce quality in order to sell or get contracts. Quality work is synonymous with customer satisfaction. It is a guarantee for repeat orders and referrals to new clients.

    2. Marketing Skills

    Freelance writing is a business in its own right. As a freelance writer, you need to market yourself otherwise you will not be known as one and you won’t be able to find work or writing projects. You can market yourself by creating profiles in different freelancing sites and article directories. You also need to submit articles to article directories to let people know what you know and the services you can offer.

    3. A Blog

    You also need to showcase your work by building a blog and publishing your written work there. A blog is an excellent way to market yourself and to show people some examples of your work. Blogs are important for any business, including freelance writing.

    4. Networking Skills

    Freelance writing is not all about writing in its very sense. It also involves building relationships with customers, Internet marketers and fellow bloggers.

    This means that you need your projects to be accompanied by after-service support. This gives you the freedom to contact your customers and build relationships with them.

    Use your blog to interact with them and other people in the industry. Visit forums that specialize in writing and Internet marketing, and contribute your ideas when necessary. It’s a good way to expose yourself as a freelance writer.

    5. Referrals

    Getting good referrals is getting more work from associates or friends of satisfied clients. It goes hand in hand with quality work and building a good client relationship.

    So when you work for a client, you should consider him or her as not just a client but somebody who can refer you to other customers who can provide you with long-term, quality work.


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