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    Apr 16 th, 2012
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    5 Attributes of an Effective Blog

    Blogs are proliferating like viruses on the World Wide Web today. With millions of these that exist, it would be difficult for one to get noticed unless it carries certain attributes that make it stand above competition.

    To make a blog stand out in the crowd, it needs to be built for the audience, because everything that you put in there is actually for your readers.

    It is therefore imperative to make a blog user friendly, easy to read, informative and up to date to make it desirable. A web log that knows the needs of its target audience knows what to offer to its visitors to attract them and to keep them coming back for more.

    Here are some of the desirable attributes of an effective blog:

    1. It is structured.

    An effective web log is easy to navigate. It is structured in a way that makes it easy for site visitors to go from page to page and quickly find the information that he’s looking for.

    A structured blog is one that gives a dedicated space for its contents, like a homepage where your blog name, “About Us” section, archives section, categories section, “Recent Articles” section and other special features are placed.

    Categories are intended to serve as pigeonholes where articles of various topics are placed. This enables your visitor to pick the right category of the information he wants to read about.

    The “Recent Articles” section is a place where you can display the titles of your recent articles. This will help your visitors to know what’s new in your site without having to look for them in the categories section.

    You can arrange the sections at the top and on the sides of your blog. But you must reserve the middle portion for your main content.

    2. It has a desirable look and feel.

    A structured layout contributes to the look and feel of your blog, but making it easy on the eyes can help to make it readable.

    Your content is the most important part of your site. Don’t give it a fancy look by using striking background color and loud colored font; it can only drive visitors away.

    To be on the safe side, use black font on white background. Use standard font size for your content and utilize white spaces between paragraphs to give your readers some breathing space while reading. Add eye-catching images to aid to their reading experience. Make sure to use alt tags on your images as it give your page a plus on the search engines.

    3. Its content is well-organized.

    A structured blog should have a well-organized content to make it effective in delivering the information that it intends to convey.

    Each category should be allocated with dedicated pages for its article headlines and their first few lines, with the latest entries appearing first. This allows the reader to choose and click the article that interests him so that he can read the entire story on the page where the entire article is published.

    3. It is free from broken links.

    Your readers are turned off when they click on a link that is not accessible for whatever reason.

    Make your blog serve its readers well in this aspect by regularly checking the availability and accessibility of its links. Also make sure that your hyperlinks can open in a new window so that your visitors will not lose your site even if they visit another site by clicking on your link.

    4. It has a search box and a site map.

    A search box is a regular feature in every site. It helps visitors easily find what they’re looking for in your web log. But as your blog grows, you might need to provide it with a site map. It helps to make your visitor navigate smoothly across the different sections of your blog.


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