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    May 22 nd, 2012
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    5 Advantages of Online Marketing Videos

    As online businesses flourish and expand, competition becomes stiffer and the quest for a fair market share rises.

    The online market is a fertile ground where businesses with effective marketing strategies succeed, and it involves winning customers over to your side.

    But no business can do it without employing effective methods of attracting the market – and one method that is rapidly gaining popularity is the use of online videos for marketing.

    During the past few years, many people have come to appreciate videos as a tool for information dissemination. The growing number of video enthusiasts has created a market where businesses can offer their products and services. This has opened the way for the creation of online marketing videos.

    Here are some of the known advantages of using online marketing videos for business:

    1. Search engines prefer content that includes video than content that features pure text.

    Any website or online business owner should take advantage of this to get an edge over his competitor in the search results.

    With the use of strategic keywords, you can make your content more visible to the search engines and get it to the top of the search results by adding video to it.

    2. Most people prefer to share videos than plain text.

    Videos appeal not only to the viewers’ eyes but to their emotions as well. This is one of the reasons why videos are easily passed on from one person to another, especially if these are posted on the walls of social networking sites like Facebook.

    Video sharing enhances your site’s exposure. It also helps to build your brand and drive more traffic to your business.

    3. Videos are more engaging than plain text.

    Videos that contain valuable information are more captivating than plain text that conveys the same message. It also eliminates a user’s need to scroll and click to find the information he wants.

    Watching video requires lesser time energy than reading text and it usually engages the viewer up to the point that the call to action is made.

    4. Videos help to build trust and credibility.

    Videos allow prospects to view the product and see a face that represents the company that sells that product. The product’s visibility and the company’s traceability are factors that help to win customer trust which is an essential element in business.

    5. Online marketing videos are a cost-effective way of brand-building and product promotion.

    With today’s technology, the cost of producing online marketing videos is falling, but its returns are increasing. This is due to i) the advent of modern video technology and software which make it easier to produce videos at lesser costs and ii) the rising number of people who prefer to watch videos to harvest information.

    These are proofs of the competitive advantage of using videos for marketing, traffic generation and getting a fair share of the market.


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