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    Aug 7 th, 2012
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    4 Web Content Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Quality web content is the most important element that gives any website high potentials to draw steady streams of traffic. Web content can be presented online as a blog post, an Ezine article, a How-To guide, or a video article that educates, entertains, informs or teaches its audience. Quality web content is an important factor that helps to improve website ranking and visibility.

    Quality content is web content that is professionally written and free from mistakes that can give readers an impression that it is written by an amateur. It should be able to deliver value and useful information that satisfies readers, keeps them coming back and compels them to act.

    You can make your content impressive by avoiding errors. Flawless articles help to build your credibility as an authority on your subject. You should strive to project professionalism in your content by avoiding these mistakes:

    1. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Mistakes

    These mistakes are quite easy to spot but detecting them requires focus and attention to details. Many writers tend to be complacent about their writing that sometimes they do not perform proofreading with 100 percent focus. These are the most avoidable of all mistakes yet they are the most common ones. You should avoid them to stand out from the crowd.

    2. Changing Voices

    You need to be consistent with your voice in your entire web content. This is to ensure that your readers know to whom you are addressing your message to. As much as possible, maintain an active voice throughout your article. Avoid switching to passive voice and be consistent with the verb form that you use in your content. If you choose to use the first, second or third person as your subject, you should be consistent with it in your essay.

    3. Too Much Hype

    Web content is written to attract readers, but they are not intended to sell people out to your product, except when you are writing a sales copy or advertisement.

    As an online marketer, it is quite understandable for you to want to write how good, wonderful or well-designed your product is. But since most readers are not attracted to promotional content, they will have a big tendency to leave your page to find something more informative and less salesy.

    Capture the attention of your target audience by offering web content that provides answers to their problems. You can then introduce your product or service as one of the solutions in the last part of your article, like your resource box.

    4. Too Broad

    The only way to provide useful information is to be specific with the subject matter that you are taking up.

    Your visitor clicks on your web page because he is attracted to your title. You should deliver specific information that your title promises. By being too broad when discussing your article, you are turning readers off and away from your website.

    Content is king. It is your best tool to attract readers and search engines. Make it perform its best for your business by avoiding mistakes that can turn traffic away.


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