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    Dec 28 th, 2011
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    4 Video Marketing Myths You Need to Understand

    Videos have made their way into the online marketing industry. It is the latest method of giving your brand the exposure and the traffic it needs on the web.

    It is an effective means of driving traffic as more and more people who week information on the web have learned to appreciate videos more than written articles. But many online marketers are still reluctant to try to cross over from writing to producing videos. This is because they have some doubts about the costs and other issues surrounding video for marketing.

    Here are four myths which can help to make you understand video marketing in its real sense.

    1. Producing video is expensive

    If you are looking for Hollywood quality for your videos, it can be expensive because you need to hire a team of video professionals, scriptwriters and actors to produce it. But you can find many companies that offer quality videos at lower costs. You can also produce the video yourself if you have a video camera and the skill to do it. The most important thing about marketing videos is its content; they have to be informative, clear, interesting and persuasive.

    2. Videos need to go viral in order to produce good results

    This is pure hearsay. Videos need not become viral to build your brand. They are intended to educate, build relationships, foster trust and eventually drive traffic to a business or website. Videos can succeed without going viral.

    3. They are difficult to create

    The level of difficulty of creating videos actually lies in the final video that you want to produce. Difficulty depends on the complexity of the product. Simple videos are easy to create.

    If you are serious about producing your own videos for marketing, you do not actually need to worry about this aspect. There are lots of video marketing companies that are willing to help you on this.

    4. Video marketing is designed for big businesses

    This is another myth that needs to be busted. While it is true that big companies can well afford to produce quality marketing videos, it is not intended solely for them. Lots of small businesses and even individuals have crossed over to video marketing to enhance their presence on the web.

    The size of your company doesn’t really matter if you want to implement video marketing for your business. Just be sure to clearly define your objectives for creating the video. This will help you to create a product that delivers positive results.


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