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    Jan 24 th, 2012
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    4 Types of Video Content that Help to Drive Traffic

    Business websites are built to contain information, and information is created to attract readers or viewers with the purpose of eventually converting them into paying customers.

    There are lots of ways to achieve this. But the newest method which is also considered one of the most effective means of attracting traffic is video marketing. It came with the creation of video sharing sites like Youtube and the influx of video capturing gadgets and equipment such as digital cameras and cellular phones. These opened the way for the emergence of four types of video content that help to drive traffic to your website. Here they are:

    1. Product Reviews

    The Internet is an easy resource for people who are looking for information about certain products. If you can create videos of reviews of products related to your niche, it is going to get some viewers who will most likely drop by your website if you provide a link that can easily lead your viewer to your website.

    Creating a lot of product review videos can bring lots of viewers and potential traffic to your website. It can also help you to pile up keywords that can eventually bring visitors to your site.

    2. How-To Videos

    How-to articles are on of the most sought after content on the web. It is created to teach people to do things. If you can create how-to videos that are relevant to your subject matter and post them to YouTube, you will not only drive traffic to your site, you will also improve your search engine ranking. But then again, you need to provide a link that makes it easy for your viewer to navigate to your own site.

    3. Testimonial Videos

    You can solicit this type of video from customers who are satisfied with your product or service, and posting it to YouTube can help to boost your search engine ranking and online exposure. Always bear in mind that a backlink is always your best strategy to drive visitors to your site.

    4. Interview Videos

    An interview with a known personality in your niche is a good way to attract viewers if you post it to YouTube. But before you do it, be sure to ask the questions that can capture the interest of your audience.


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