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    Dec 21 st, 2011
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    4 Types of Marketing Videos for Your Business

    Videos have invaded the Internet. They have taken a prominent spot in the online marketing industry. They have created a new breed of audience on the web. These are the people who prefer to watch videos rather than read articles.

    This has opened a new market which can only be penetrated by means of video marketing. This has made videos an essential player in information dissemination and marketing campaigns.

    There are four types of online marketing videos. Any one of them can be beneficial to your business. But you should take note that not all of them are applicable to small businesses as one or two of them are quite expensive.

    Here are the four types of videos which you might want to use for your marketing campaign:

    1. Broadcast Quality Video

    Broadcast quality videos are the ones you often see on television and infomercials. These videos are produced by a team of professionals such as a team of scriptwriters, director, a cast of actors, and a producer. This makes this type of videos quite expensive.

    These are high quality products that can give amazing results, but their costs are not too enticing, as they often range between $40,000 and $250,000.

    2. Web Quality Video

    Web quality videos are similar to broadcast quality videos in style but they are of lesser quality because their production doesn’t require the collective talents of directors, producers and actors. You can produce this video by providing the script, imagery and voice yourself.

    The cost of producing web quality videos is estimated at $1,000 per minute of finished video product.

    3. Do-it-yourself Video

    Do-it-yourself videos are slideshow productions of your messages. You can assemble them online with the use of your imagery, text and the help of do-it-yourself production sites which thrive in the Internet today. This is a cost-effective way of producing videos to market your business, but it gives your content a generic look which is not quite compelling to your prospect.

    4. Professional Slideshow Video Production

    This is similar to the do-it-yourself video in format, only it is done by a human being who is an expert in producing customized video slideshows.

    This type of videos is tailored to promote your product. You own the rights to it and its content is polished and aimed specifically at your target market. The cost of producing professional slideshow videos ranges between $30 and $150.

    You can also avail of other services like voice-over and script writing at an added cost.


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