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    Dec 20 th, 2011
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    4 Types of Blogs and their Purpose

    Blogging has gone a long way. It has become an important tool in business in a short period of time since its inception as a teen pastime. It has taken a lot of forms from a written electronic journal to video blogs and podcasts. Its development was so fast that most people find it hard to identify the different kinds of blogs and what they are for.

    This article is intended to give you a clearer perspective of a few kinds of blogs and how they work. They are:

    1. Classic or Personal Blogs

    These are the earliest and most basic form of blogs that appeared on the web. They reflect the personal accounts of the author’s experiences and ideas. It serves as the author’s journal of his physical and mental journeys.

    Classic or Personal blogs serve as a vehicle for the author’s thoughts. They serve as a link for people to connect with society. They have also become a window for people from the outside world to take a peek into the blogger’s mind.

    A personal blog is the author’s personal space where he can learn, grow and look back to see how far he had gone since he began to journal what the wanted to express.

    2. The Watchblog

    The watchblog is the venue where people who want to neutralize corruption and totalitarianism express their concerns. It is the space where alarmed bloggers tell the world of the abuses and brutalities committed by different nations around the world.

    Some watchblogs are dedicated to expose the misconducts and corruptions committed by government officials of the blogger’s country.

    This kind of blog can easily establish credibility because it poses as a whistle blower of abuses against the human kind. It however needs to stand on neutral ground in order to maintain its integrity as an advocate of good conduct.

    3. Satire Blogs

    Satire blogs contain videos or written articles that tend to ridicule or make fun of his or other people’s failures, mistakes, indecisions or ignorance.

    The power of this blog to attract visitors lies in its ability to make people laugh.

    4. Interview Blogs

    Interview blogs have a high level of credibility because they usually reflect the minds of people who are either popular or having authority on certain subjects. They do not express the opinions or knowledge of the author who only acts as the facilitator to capture the psyche of his guests. Interview blogs relate real ideas and events in the lives of real people. Some of its posts maybe controversial but they create human interest. This makes the interview blog very enticing.


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