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    Dec 2 nd, 2011
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    4 Tips that Help to Make You Understand SEO

    With thousands of websites competing for attention on any subject, it is almost impossible to make your site seen on the web if you don’t find ways to make it friendly with search engines. One of the most effective methods applied by Internet professionals to attract search engines is the use of search engine optimization. This will help to make web content easy to find in the endless sea of information.

    As a content provider and online marketer, you should know the basics of SEO. It can help to make you avoid preventable mistakes which could affect your page rankings. Here are four tips that can help to make you understand SEO:

    1. On-site SEO is not all about keyword density

    Keyword density has become an issue in relation to web content creation. Many content providers think that using just a few keywords will make it hard for search engines to find their content. At the same time, they are also concerned that too many keywords can give the search engines the impression that they are spamming. This could affect site ranking as keyword stuffing is a no-no for search engines.

    When you create content, you should give quality your primary consideration. You should not sacrifice quality to accommodate any keyword. Humans are the ultimate consumers of your work and you should make it worthy of their attention otherwise no one will bother to read your content. It is not keyword density that matters much in on-site SEO but the use of the right keywords. Put them sparingly in strategic places and you will surely attract search engines.

    2. Less popular keywords are often more profitable than competitive ones

    The days of using popular keywords for profit have long gone. Fierce competition has made it impossible for your site to obtain a high page rank with those keywords. Today, the use of less popular, long-tail keywords are more profitable. Lesser keyword competition can give your website a fair chance of getting a higher page ranking. This also helps to make you more visible on the web.

    3. Using misspelled keywords can put your site at a disadvantage

    Many webmasters and content providers deliberately misspell keywords because they see that those misspelled versions are getting a good amount of traffic. This can have a negative impact on your site because many web users who are particular about correct spelling and usage get turned off – and never proceed to your site.

    4. Keyword variation can help to optimize content

    One effective way to go around with keyword density restrictions is to use keyword variations in your content. Alternative keywords can help to attract search engines but they can’t make your content look spammy or keyword stuffed.


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