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    Feb 9 th, 2012
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    4 Things to Avoid when Uploading Videos to YouTube

    People who upload their videos to YouTube aim to get thousands of views in order to earn money via the site’s partner program. Earning money for your creativity is a wise objective, and if you own dozens of videos that go viral in the World Wide Web, it can mean a lot of money for you.

    However, you need to observe certain guidelines in order to impress your audience and get the results you want. There are also certain mistakes that you need to stay away from to ensure that your videos will perform very well in attracting viewers.

    Here are four things that you need to avoid when you upload videos to YouTube:

    1. Overusing Annotations

    Annotations are texts that appear on the video. It is actually one of the features provided by YouTube to help spice up your videos with some context. They can even add flavor to it if you use them sparingly.

    If you come up with a video that has annotations that popup every few seconds, it becomes distracting to your viewers and they would lose interest in watching it up to the end. You should limit your annotations to a maximum of three for every video.

    2. Rehashing Videos

    People love fresh content and this is especially true for videos. If you want your videos to attract attention and interest, you should avoid rehashing older content. Repeat videos rarely attract viewer interest.

    3. Preventing Embedding

    Embedding is a process that enables you to take video that is posted on YouTube or other sites and plop it right on to your personal page or blog.

    For some reasons, some video publishers prevent the embedding of their videos. This can be counter productive as far as proper YouTube promotion is concerned. Embedding is actually a vehicle that allows people to syndicate your content which can translate to more views and additional backlinks.

    4. Uploading Blurry Content

    Uploading blurry content to YouTube is a total waste of your time and effort. Videos are meant to engage your viewers’ visual sense and people use it for their convenience.

    Quality is important in any product or service even if it’s free. If your video cannot deliver quality to its audience, they will simply leave it and look for another.

    Remember, there literally millions of videos on YouTube which are just waiting to be viewed. You should create yours with acceptable quality in order to get viewer preference.


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