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    Jan 3 rd, 2012
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    4 Steps of Selecting Article Topics

    One of the most vital aspects of publishing articles for online marketing is the selection of topics. Topics are a key factor in article marketing because they play a big role in attracting traffic for your website or business.

    Traffic is a very important element in article marketing. It is the main source of potential revenue for every online business. The need to attract traffic is the primary reason why you need to publish useful and beneficial information to your target market.

    The attractiveness of your topics helps to determine the success of your marketing campaign. The volume of traffic your articles generate for your business is a key factor for the revenue that your online business gets. You need to select your topics carefully. This will help you to achieve your main objectives; traffic and eventual sales.

    Here are four steps of selecting article topics that catch the attention of your target audience:

    1. Identify their needs

    Your main purpose of selecting a good topic is to give your audience what they want. If you can identify their needs, you can be sure to offer what they just can’t refuse. One way to identify what your target market wants is by knowing the most popular words that they use when they search for information in the search engines. You can do this with the help of a keyword suggestion tool such as Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool.

    Most people run to the web for answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, lists or tips and procedures for doing something. Give them what they want and they will give you their attention.

    2. Your topics should be related to your business

    Writing articles to promote your business will give you a chance to showcase your expertise on that niche. Your articles should be related to what you sell. This can establish you as an expert in your subject. This can also help you to build your credibility and win the trust of your readers. These are important elements of a business relationship.

    3. Check for fresh issues related to your niche

    People are curious and they always want to be the first to know. This is one of the factors that make fresh information attractive to readers. You should take advantage of this by starting your routine checking out for the latest issues and developments regarding your niche. Authority sites are your best sources of these. You need to check them out in order to become one of the very first to relay the information to people who share your interest.

    4. When your run out of topics, write tips list

    Tips lists and how-to guides are still the easiest and most attractive types of articles to write when you run out of fresh topics. People love these types of articles because of their usefulness and power to make people do things on their own.


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