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    Nov 18 th, 2011
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    4 Simple Tips to Get the Best from Article Directories

    Article marketing and article directories are two factors that go hand in hand in the online marketing business. If you are an article marketer, you probably knew that article directories are your partners for the success of your online business.

    Since article marketing is here to stay for quite a while, you need to take advantage of the benefits given by article directories. You should be able to get the best of what they can offer to give your article the maximum exposure and traffic that it wants.

    Here are four simple tips to get the best from article directories:

    1. Observe their rules

    Before submitting anything to article directories, the very first thing you need to know are site rules which you need to observe. Those rules were made to ensure that spam can’t go through them from unscrupulous authors who submit articles with self-serving, slanderous, racist, sexual or any unacceptable content.

    You should also follow the site’s formatting and keyword density standards otherwise your articles will not be accepted. You should remember that the most popular article directories employ real people to edit article submissions. You should follow rules religiously to avoid getting banned.

    2. Write as often as possible

    Article marketers join article directories to promote their business online. As an article marketer, you should write and submit articles as often as possible to maximize your exposure to your target audience. This will help to build your brand and position you as an expert on your niche. Submitting articles as often as possible also helps to get your articles approved faster. If you are new to the site, you should submit at least three articles per week if you can.

    3. Review your articles

    Your work is a reflection of your personality and ability as a writer. You should see to it that your articles are free from errors.

    Even if they are reviewed by human editors, your typos, spelling and grammar errors can still go through them. You should review your published articles once in a while and edit them as necessary. This will ensure that your articles are error free. This will also help to preserve your reputation as a writer.

    4. Review your resource boxes

    Your resource box is the part of your article which contains the link that leads your readers to your website. It should be compelling enough to prompt your reader to act.

    Always check your resource boxes to ensure that they are capable of giving you the results you expect. If your website does not get enough visitors, try to check your resource box, edit them when necessary and observe your traffic.


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