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    Aug 22 nd, 2012
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    4 Primary Steps of Video Marketing

    Video marketing is the latest and one of the most effective methods of exposing a product or service online.

    With the advent of YouTube and other video sharing sites, the use of videos as a means of information dissemination and sharing has become a trend. The millions of people who visit video sharing sites have made YouTube a great virtual market with unlimited opportunities for sales and marketing.

    This has prompted online marketers to use videos as a means to share information about their products and services online. The increasing number of people who appreciate the effectiveness and convenience of videos as a means of communication has made video marketing an effective tool for exposing products and services in the World Wide Web.

    But people who are new to online marketing have doubts regarding this method of product promotion. Most often, video marketing is believed to be expensive, too technical or too complicated for ordinary people to do. Without proper information, they might not have the courage to take the first step to create videos.

    This article is intended to inform aspiring video marketers of the three primary steps of video marketing. Here they are:

    1. Identify the sites where can post your videos.

    In business and product promotion, one of the most important factors that can create awareness of your product is visibility and exposure. It helps to make people know that your product or brand exists.

    Before you create your first marketing video, you should identify the places where you can publish them to attract the attention of your target market. The best places to post your videos to include your own website, social networking sites and video sharing sites like YouTube.

    2. Determine the content of your video.

    Your video content must be informative and useful to its viewers. It should make people know and develop interest in your product or service. It should not contain any sales pitch. It should be concise and brief, it should be optimized, and it should have a very engaging title and an interesting thumbnail to arouse the curiosity of your prospects.

    3. Identify your audience.

    Knowing who your audience is can help to keep you informed of what they want. When you create your videos, you should keep your targeted viewers in mind. You should have a solid idea of their ages, their wants and desires, their problems. Having this information can help to make you produce a marketing video that attracts viewers, generates traffic and increase your business’ potentials for sales.

    4. Post your videos.

    After doing the first three steps, you may now post your video to make it visible online.

    These are the four primary steps that can help to start your video marketing career.


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