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    Apr 11 th, 2012
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    4 Online Video Marketing Strategies for Your Business

    A growing number of businesses have easily seen and appreciated the advantages of online video marketing for the promotion of their products and services.

    One of its most advantageous attributes is its cost effectiveness, as you don’t need to spend a penny to post videos on popular video sharing sites like YouTube. You just have to learn to create videos to build your brand.

    But just like article marketing, video marketing has also its own competition as far as search engines are concerned. You will need to implement strategies to make your videos search engine friendly so that they will rank well in the search results. This can greatly help to lead potential customers to your videos.

    Here are some online video marketing strategies that can help to grow your business.

    1. Use popular, less competitive keywords.

    Even in online video marketing, the use of important keywords is still an effective strategy to enhance the exposure of your content.

    To be able to use the right keywords, you should do a keyword research. This can help you to determine the right words or phrases which are used by your target customers when they search for videos about your niche. Long tail keywords are best for this purpose. These are made up of two to four words which you need to include in your video title and description.

    2. Create transcripts for your videos to attract search engines.

    Video transcripts contain exact written records of events that happened in a particular video clip. It is actually used for search engine optimization.

    To make your marketing video more attractive to the search engines, you need to create video transcripts and upload the transcription file in the ‘Captions and Subtitles” section of video sharing sites.

    3. Include a thumbnail and page load time for your video.

    The page load time informs viewers the number of seconds it takes to load the page. It can help to make impatient viewers stay on until your video plays. The thumbnail, on the other hand, helps to give the viewers a peek at what they can expect from the video. A catchy image that relates with the title helps to attract site visitors to click on your video.

    4. Submit your videos to Google.

    Once you have finished uploading your video, you can submit it to Google with the use of a video site map. This is an effective online video marketing strategy that any good online marketer can take advantage of. This can help to get your video indexed for a better page ranking.


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