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    Apr 9 th, 2012
    Buying Web Content No Comments

    4 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Web Content

    If you are an online marketer who is eyeing for a long-term article marketing campaign for your business, buying web content is no doubt one of your plans for the future.

    Buying articles is not a bad option especially if you intend to use your time in the more productive aspects of your business. They are also cheaper which means that you will be earning more for your investment. But buying articles can be a gamble because there are a lot of things that you should be aware of in order to avoid costly mistakes. One of the best ways to get professionally written articles is to buy them from professionals.

    Here are four mistakes that you need to avoid when buying web content:

    1. Buying articles from non-native English speakers.

    This is not meant to underestimate the writing abilities of people whose primary language is not English. There are lots of good writers outside America, Canada, and England who can speak and write good English, but searching for the right one can be a tedious and uncertain job.

    So to ensure that your content is of good quality and free from grammar and spelling errors, you need to buy them from someone who is a native English speaker. But if you can find a good writer who can write like an American does, that’s great.

    2. Buying articles at bargain prices.

    Like most items, the price of articles is commensurate to their quality. You get what you pay for. So when you buy articles at bargain prices, like a dollar a piece, you cannot expect to something that costs between $20 and $30 in the market. Cheap content is often the result of poor writing and research. You don’t really need to save money at the expense of your business.

    3. Keyword stuffing.

    One of the most important requirements of article marketing is search engine optimization. This means that you need to have your articles optimized for certain keywords to make them search engine friendly.

    But since your information is ultimately intended for human consumption, you don’t have to sacrifice its quality and readability to keywords just to attract search engines. You need to limit your keyword density to two percent, and they should blend naturally in your sentences. Always remember that interesting articles always carry value for the readers, quality from the authors and strategic keywords for search engines.

    You need to be on the lookout for writers who promise to bring your site to the top of the search results without mentioning the quality of their product. Getting to the top of the search results doesn’t make sense if your content cannot give you the traffic and conversion that you aim for.

    4. Missed deadlines.

    Buying content from work-from-home content providers can be a problem especially if submission deadlines are involved. These writers are working on their own time and they can be too occupied with a lot of projects that make their hands full.

    So when you buy content or hire writers for your article marketing campaign, you should emphasize quality, commitment, and professionalism as your primary requirements. It can help you to avoid getting into these pitfalls.


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