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    Apr 17 th, 2012
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    4 Important Tools to Drive Traffic

    Time and time again, we’ve been reminded that traffic is one of the most important factors to sustain the life of any online business.

    Internet marketers, webmasters and SEO professionals all work to attract visitors into their websites and they have developed many different strategies to do it.

    The most popular approach for traffic generation and online visibility enhancement is search engine optimization. It employs the use of strategic keywords that allow search engines and web users to meet at a common ground where your content can be found.

    SEO is an effective strategy for driving traffic and boosting a website’s sales potential. But you can’t implement it without using some tools that can make it work effectively for you.

    Here are some of the most important tools that can help to make your SEO work to drive traffic to your website:

    1. Keyword Research Tool

    Online businesses, article marketers, video marketers and other forms of online publication are all dependent on keywords to have their web page or content seen on the web. They serve as the “tracking device” that makes content visible to search engines.

    But you need to know which keywords are popular to your audience so that you can connect to them. It calls for the use of a keyword tool that can help you discover the most profitable keywords for your business.

    2. Article Submission Tool

    Another way of attracting traffic is to invite people to visit your website through back links. Back links are created through informative articles that you write about your niche. People who find your articles interesting and useful may click on your link and visit your website. But you need to submit these articles to article sites for maximum exposure.

    Since article writing is a tedious job and manual submission to various article directories takes time and effort, you need to use an article submission tool to help you do the job faster.

    3. RSS Submitter Tool

    RSS or Really Simple Syndication can also help to drive more visitors to your website or blog.

    With the help of an RSS submitter, you can quickly send your articles to a number of RSS directories in less time. RSS submitters work the same way as article submitters do.

    4. Social Bookmarking Tool

    Internet marketing has invaded social media as a new market. Getting social nowadays is a smart way to get social traffic. It is a place where lots of real people with real needs converge.

    So to make your content seen easily by people who share your passions and interests, you can submit them to social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and many more.

    This type of submission also takes time as there are lots of social bookmarking sites on the web. So to make your job easier, you can use a social bookmarking tool to do the job for you.


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