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    May 3 rd, 2012
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    4 Freelance Writing Jobs that Pay Well

    Freelance writing offers many opportunities, but not all of them can be very rewarding in terms of compensation. There are actually lots of freelance writing jobs that pay well – if you know how to find them.

    These rewarding freelance writing jobs are:

    1. Article Writing

    Article writing requires you to write valuable articles that become content on websites and business blogs. The demand for quality article writers is seen to rise as an effect of the release and implementation of Google’s Penguin update which is intended to go after erring, spammy websites, and sites that publish duplicate or copied content.

    This will pave the way for skilled article writers to shine and get paid well for their work. Many businesses are willing to pay higher rates to avoid being caught by the “penguin.”

    2. Writing Pay-Per-Click Ads

    Pay-per click ads are everywhere on the web. They are the most exposed content in the online industry. These are just small banners with little snippets, but they are so numerous that they have created a demand for people to create them.

    3. Writing Web Pages and Landing Pages

    The Internet has created the proliferation of websites and web logs. In fact, they are as numerous today as there are stars in the universe, and they are increasing by the day.

    This has created a huge demand for writers of web pages. It is a very fertile ground that has the potential to give you thousands of dollars per project. But since it requires writers who can produce copies of exceptional quality, the demand for web page and landing page writers remains high.

    4. Writing Business Copy

    Writing business copy is a corporate need, but companies are reluctant to employ regular writers because it is not a daily job. They are willing to hire writers only on a per-project basis.

    This has created a demand for freelance writers who can write business copies. The job pays well. It also increases your potential to find new customers through referrals from satisfied clients.

    These are some of the freelance writing jobs that are financially rewarding. If you are equipped with the right skills, one of these jobs could be right for you.

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