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    Jan 9 th, 2012
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    4 Factors that Help to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

    Your subscribers are one of the important factors that give empower to your blog. Just like your other blog followers, they motivate you to write more often to feed their desire for information about your niche. They can make up a relevant part of your traffic and potential for sales. This is why you need to improve your subscriber base.

    Here are four factors which can help to increase your blog subscribers:

    1. Blog Newsletters

    A blog newsletter is an effective component in driving traffic to your website. It is a proactive way to make your contacts aware of your new updates. This will lead them to your web log every time you let they are alerted of your latest posting. You can also make your newsletter distribution more systematic and predictable by updating your blog at regular intervals and sending out the information as soon as your blog is ready.

    2. Blog Subscribe Page

    A blog subscribe page works in the same manner as the squeeze page of your ezine; it is intended to promote your web log to your target audience. It is a page that contains the summary of benefits your readers can get for subscribing to your blog. This is the space where they will give you their email addresses so that they will promptly informed every time your blog has an update. Your readers should be able to get to this page through any one of your posts.

    3. Opt-in Form

    Another way to get subscribers is to place an opt-in form at the end of each page. This is to ensure that visitors who are impressed with your postings will be given an option to subscribe after reading an entire posting.

    4. Share Function

    Asking your subscribers to share your blog with their contacts can be an effective tool of promoting it and syndicating your articles at the same time. This can help to get you new subscribers. You can do this by providing a sidebar in your blog newsletter which contains a request to your readers to share the post and go to your blog subscribe page for alerts on future posts.

    These are some of the ways to increase your subscribers. You can use them to improve you traffic and potential for revenue.


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